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Embrace Maximalism – Bohemian Inspiration from Judy Aldridge

When I first saw Judy’s work on Instagram, I was taken by how busy her spaces were, and yet how she seemed to make it all work and feel cohesive. She led me to discover a new term: “Maximalism”. It’s basically the opposite of everything you’d picture Minimalism to be. Judy does Maximalism very well, and we can learn a lot from her way of embracing the busyness.

Judy is the founder of Atlantis Home, and through her travels around the world, picking up decor items and inspiration from other cultures, she has evolved this really great eclectic bohemian style. See some of her work and her thought process below.

“When I approach a room or space, one of the first things I try to imagine is how to add layers of depth.  To me, depth is very visually pleasing.  Over the years, I’ve gotten pretty bold about what I will put together.  There isn’t much I say no to in terms of mixing.  The results are not always wondrous, but for me, playing it safe while designing a space just isn’t fun!”  – Judy

“The best way to achieve a layered look is studying, and trial and error.  Grab a few of your favorite shelter magazines, and study rooms!  Become of a student of mixing and matching by observing.  Play around with furniture. Try it in all different configurations .  If you are unhappy with your upholstery and on a budget, try throwing a rug over a sofa, or a beautiful african textile!  Find some gorgeous throw pillows for texture and a pop of color.” – Judy

Often times we tend to use art in a very pristine way. We encompass it in white walls, center it perfectly, and give it all this visual space to breathe. But the way that Judy incorporates art into the home is much different. Instead of the art being the absolute focal point, it is merely one voice among many in the room.

“I love adding lots of different types of art.  I use art from everywhere.  There is nothing too precious to hang on my walls.  I love collected art, thrifted art, and I love to support local artists in my community.  I love plates as art, horns, trinkets, african trading beads—you name it!  I will hang anything as art!  I once found an old tool box on the side of the road.  It was aged to perfection! It promptly went up on my wall where it hangs today.  I have never received so many compliments on a piece.”  – Judy

So this is a challenge to try something new. Put 2 paintings together that you wouldn’t have thought to put together. Acquire a bunch of little pieces of art, prints for instance, and cluster them on a wall. Mix patterns. Mix textures. Take one small step toward being less “matchy matchy”.
“Most of all, have fun!” – Judy
Follow Judy on Instagram (@atlantishome) for all of her latest work.

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