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New Large Scale Painting – “Mother Whale”

I’ve been moving toward a more minimalist style lately. Not across the board, but just kinda dipping my toes into designing very simple compositions on a larger scale. I am really happy with this one. I don’t use navy blue in my work as much as other forms of blue, so I started with this large shape of navy, and built from there.

I was careful with the color scheme of this. I knew if I was masking off shapes, and trying to keep my shapes very crisp and clean, I would have to be very intentional with the color choices, as this way of working is much less forgiving. So with a little help from photoshop (used to test color choices before applying them with paint) I played around with colors and designed a palette that I think fits with this sort of surf vibe I’ve been liking a lot lately. Maybe I just subliminally want to live in California or something.. I don’t know.

“Mother Whale”
46 x 46 in. acrylic on canvas
Original: $1800

Prints available in the following options:

The title is courtesy of my wife. When asked what I should call it, she blurted out a stream of ridiculous names, until she randomly said “Mother Whale”.. and we both just kinda liked it and thought it sort of made sense given the vibe of the painting. A friend of mine suggested calling it “The Pompadour”. That makes sense too. Sticking with Mother Whale though.
This painting is available as an original or a print. For inquiries send me a note via the contact form.
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