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New Painting in Progress – Home Interior Inspired


Lately I’ve been into abstractions from household scenes/objects. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve just been “adulting” really hard given that my wife and I recently had a baby, and we’ve been buying furniture and stuff or what, but interior design has been somewhat a theme for my paintings lately.

We moved into a house last year that was built in the early 1900s, and hasn’t really been updated since probably the 60s. Our bathroom downstairs has a mint green sink, and really old floral print wallpaper. Lots of woodgrain all over the interior of the house, and generally an old retro feel. That’s partially where the color scheme is coming from on this painting.

Large-scale paintings often start on unstretched canvas. I am too impatient to build a chassis for the painting and stretch it before I start painting. I just like to throw it up on the wall and get to gettin’. My garage is currently my studio. My black lab keeps me company out there and I tend to split my time in the studio between painting and keeping the dog from running off with a paintbrush or something from the recycling.

More to come.



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